Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Runaway King (The Ascendance Trilogy #2) by Jennifer A. Nielsen

“I'm still a king. My title isn't determined by my crown; it's in my blood.”

 This is the second book to the trilogy. After Jaron has taken the throne, problems start to rise. There have been plans on assassination Jaron and bringing war to Carthya. After hearing the news Jaron wants to do something to save Carthya. He wants to stop from what’s going to befall him or Carthya.

He has taken off from the position and left for a mission. He has left his safest spot and had put himself in danger to know what’s happening.  I would like you to read the novel to know what’s happening and I must say you won‘t be disappointed because Jaron is always the reckless yet smart guy. Totally charming and worthy to swoon over.

“Above all else, I think that you are a compulsive liar."My laughter was tense, but sincere. "Hardly. In fact, I consider myself a compulsive truth teller. It's only that everyone else seems compelled to misunderstand me.” 

This novel was filled with so many things. It was a mix of emotions and sometimes you had to look away and contemplate what you had read or digest them. I had to both at times. Sometimes I had to re-read.  Jason is really a brave guy. He really put himself in danger when he could have just stayed back in throne. His wittiness is always with him and his words as always are convincing enough. As for Imogen, OMG!!! That girl. She is just brilliant. Both of them are just like star crossed lovers and when the hell with Jason discover how much he needs her to be sane. HAHAHAHA! I just ship them a lot. I know he has been betrothed to someone else and she is a total sweetie pie but doesn’t suit him. There is also a kid names Fink and I really like him. He might talk a lot but then he is also an interesting character. I wish Jennifer could write a novella about him.

“You wouldn't want to be king of my country," I said. "Why is that?""Well, you're rather fat. I doubt you'd fit onto my throne.” 

Imogen’s stubbornness, sweetness and being Imogen = Jaron being thoughtful and calm and feel at home. Hehehehe. I am so into them. Although, I would give this book 4 stars only because I expected more since the first one was much more deceiving and all. More suspense would have made me give this book 5 stars. Sometimes it was predictable but still it was awesome.

“Wherever our lives lead us, one thing is certain. You and I will always be connected. You might be able to deny that, but I can't. Even I am not that good a liar.” 

Cheers J

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