Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

“Love is the strangest, most illogical thing in the world.” 

 This was short and sweet and will make u swooonnn. When I started this book I didn’t expect anything much but when I finished it I absolutely liked it. This story is so not realistic to be a true story but the chance of it happening is still there. It was cute and as always fell in love with the guy.
“Who would have guessed that four minutes could change everything?” 

Hadley Sullivan is a 17 year old girl who is supposed to go to London for her father’s wedding. She has missed her plane and has to wait for the next one and she doesn’t know will she make it for her father’s wedding on time. This is officially her worst day ever. While waiting she meets Oliver who is a British guy and is heading to London as well. They are sitting together in the airplane for the whole journey. It’s a long night and they got to know each other. Upon arrival at the airport they lost track of each other but ended up going where they both wanted to go. Will they meet again?

“What are you really studying?"
He leans back to look at her. "The statistical probability of love at first sight."
"Very funny," she says. "What is it really?"
"I'm serious."
"I don't believe you."
He laughs, then lowers his mouth so that it's close to her ear. "People who meet in airports are seventy-two percent more likely too fall for each other than people who meet anywhere else.”

It was a fun, short read. My rating is 5/5 stars. Time flew by me when I was reading this book because I enjoyed it that much. I know that it’s like one in a billion, trillion chance that something like this will happen in real life because everything in here happened in a mere 24 hours. I was swooning when Oliver was the one conversing. He was really charming. I was like OMG! OMG! If only I had some company like that when I was on the plane so I will have a good flight as well. It was really funny and nice. Although, there wasn’t a major character development or anything like that, there were tiny bits and pieces of insights to the character. The book was more of bonding both of them together in some ways. I really loved how the author timed it and all. She actually didn’t state the purpose of Oliver’s visit to London until Hadley’s dads wedding finished. It was a good twist for me because I didn’t expect Oliver’s visit would be for that particular reason (read to know).  You must read to know what I am talking about. Don’t expect a big story line or anything because if you do you will be disappointed. Read it as a fun read and you will totally be swooning and having fun. You can expect love when you least expect it. That’s what this novel told me.<Oliver is mine!! Hahahaha> Enjoy.

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