Sunday, August 17, 2014

Among the Echoes by Ali Maritnez


"I’m not some Damsel in Distress you can swoop off her feet and save, prince charming. I’m lost in a world so dark you wouldn’t be able to find the light of the day again. But make no mistake, you’re the poisonous apple in the fairytale, Slate."

This book is about two characters from different worlds meeting and falling in love which isn’t supposed to happen. This book is all about the hero protecting the heroine but then it’s not an easy protection at all. There are actually 3 characters in this novel being significant but it isn’t a love triangle. Another character is more like a brother figure.

Erica before but now she is Riley Peterson. How long will she be Riley Peterson? She has been in the protection program for 3 years and has been moving and changing her identity. Now here she is in another apartment being protected from a man who had put her in such danger and will kill her if she has been discovered. She has to keep her real identity safe if she wants her life.

Leo before but now he is Dave now. He is also in this protection program with Riley and has been protecting her from the start. He is more of like brother figure to her and they have been living together.

Slate Andrews, who is a famous boxer has come back to his town, his apartment which is across Riley’s apartment as Adam. He has become Adam to be a normal person living a normal life and not be recognized.

Riley’s and Adam’s path are crossed and it might lead to dangerous situations. Adam wants to protect Riley because she always looks scared about something and is vulnerable. On the other hand, Riley doesn’t want any commitment with Adam because she is scared that her life might fall into danger.  But Adam and Riley can’t stop the attraction energy between them that has been pulling them closer and closer. Riley starts to trust Adam and things start getting heated up.

"I can't remember the last time I had food that good.""You didn't even taste the gnocchi either. It's unbelievable.""Well, I was going to taste the gnocchi, but by the time I unfolded my napkin, you were already licking the bowl."

I really can’t tell anything more because then the story will be all out. It is such a good book and it’s my first book to read written by this author. Some people might stop reading this book because of the beginning. The opening itself is just so intense and shattering. Even I thought about not continuing but I really wanted to see how it goes and I am not disappointed at all.

I loved how it was all laid out. The author slowly revealed what was happening and connected the dots. She developed the characters beautifully and she sort of showed that you need help at times to get stronger. Riley was the main character here. She was a broken person and was living with a little hope that she might survive the very next day. She was so scared that she would not make friends and all. But she slowly started trusting Adam and there were changes in there. Her true self was slowly being presented and it was just lovable. She slowly started to crawl out of her shell.

“I want you. All of you. Not these little bits I hear echoing around the room. I just want you, Riley.” 

Leo was such an awesome brother and a friend figure. At first I thought it is going to be a love triangle and all but it wasn’t. It could be totally seen that he genuinely cared and his actions were of a brother and friend. Loved how he supported Riley and wanted her to come out of her shell after the horrible incident.

Adam. OMG to him! If you ever want someone to protect you it would be someone like him. Although, he wanted to know the reason why he was protecting her, he never stopped even when he didn’t get one. He just wanted to keep Riley safe and sound. He truly wanted her to be happy and strong. He loved everything about her and wanted to learn about her. Although, he learns about her very late that doesn’t make him stop to protect her or love her. He just wanted to make her forget about everything that ever happened to her. He was another strong character from the beginning till the end. 

“Fuck your fairytale. I just want you. I’ll make my own God damn happily ever after. But you’re the one who is mistaken. You’ll be at the end of that story, beautiful. You either come willingly or you force me into the dark after you. It doesn’t matter to me, because either way, I’ll find you.” 

I give this book 4.5/5 stars. Don’t stop reading because of the beginning. Beginning can really get you emotional and may want you to discontinue but I really request you to continue reading. The story is strong, deep and beautiful. It’s a beautiful transformation of a broken woman into a strong woman.

Cheers J 

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