Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days #1) by Susan Ee

 I am sure you have heard of zombie apocalypse, how about an angel apocalypse? Yes, the heavenly creatures who are supposed to be good and divine are destructing the world.

In all this chaos, Penryn the seventeen year old human girl who wanted to survive this apocalypse with her mother and sister gets sucked in the problem because the warrior angels has captured her sister and she will stake anything to save her sister from those divine beings. Even if she has to befriend an angel

On the other hand, Raffe is a warrior who has lost his wings in a fight and is lying in a death state. Penryn rescues him and in return she wants to know the location of her sister.  

Together they travel and rely on each other for their own benefits of getting what they want. They are not stopping until they have got what they want and they don’t mind killing whoever stands in their way. Penryn to the rescue of her sister and Raffe to get back his wings. 

Different mission yet the same destination. What the destiny unravels for them stays a surprise.  

I totally loved this book, 5/5 ratings. It was mind blowing and I couldn’t keep the book down. I had to continue reading the book cause there were so many things that you could look forward to. Sometimes, you would feel like smacking the angel but you want to hug him too. There will be many mixed feeling you will have regarding this human and angel relationship. The dialogues in this books will crack you up at times and even roll your eyes. I enjoyed the talks between Penryn and Raffe. You don't want a heavenly creature to be a devil because it is really scary. I really recommend this book!!  


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