Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Puddle Jumping by Amber L. Johnson

When it comes to love there’s no such thing as conventional.

This is a short story about Colton Neely and Lilly Evans.

Lilly Evans and Colton Neely were friends when they were younger but their relationship came to an end due to accidents that were happening around them.

Lilly Evan meets Colton Neely as again, but now as schoolmate and a classmate. She becomes friends with him again and realizes that Colton is special. Lilly doesn’t know whether she should look into it or just overlook at it. The more she learns about him the more she falls for him and Lilly doesn’t know whether Colton will ever reciprocate her feelings.
“You’d like to think it’s a choice to love him, but it’s not, Lilly. You’ve already decided. I can see it on your face.” 

Lilly and Colton finally get into relationship but will the end result be good. Can they end up together for good or will they go their separate ways?

“I have to ask. Why do you like me?”He shifted away from me then, his brows pulled together making him look even cuter, if that was possible. “I don’t understand the question.” His hands were squeezing mine tightly as he looked down at them. “You’re my Lilly. You’ve always been my Lilly.” 

5/5 stars book! It was short and sweet. I loved how the story developed and definitely loved the ending. I didn’t expect the ending to be that sweet or lovely. It wasn’t a romantic book; it was more of two people sharing their interests with less word but more actions. I was smiling at the end because it was a beautiful short story. Lilly never saw Colton as a needy person or anything. She saw him as what he should have really been and admired him. She made it all work and tried her best in the relationship. Colton, there wasn’t much information about him but his actions conveyed a lot. He did his best to show his feeling which really touched my heart. Each and everything he did was cute.

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