Monday, August 11, 2014

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

“Me: Why don't you ever practice on your balcony like you used to? This question gets me immediate eye contact from him, but it doesn't last. His eyes flicker across my face, down my body, and finally back to his phone. 

Ridge: Why would I? You're not out there anymore.”  

Sydney Blake is living her life happily. She is going to college and having a good job. She is having a wonderful boyfriend, Hunter and a friend, Tori who she lives with. Everything comes to an abrupt stop when she finds that Hunter has been cheating her Tori. She doesn’t know what to do any more.

Ridge Lawson is Sydney’s neighbor who plays music on the balcony. She is spellbound by his music and him. There is something to him that attracts Sydney. Ridge can’t stop thinking about Sydney either because there is something in her that makes Ridge pay attention to her. When both of meet there are inevitable things happen heartbreak and mending is on the way. How much can both of them put aside and how much can they 

<I don’t want to give more information in the summary because it’s really worth reading to know what is happening to both the sides. >

I totally give this book 5+++ stars. Colleen wrote such a powerful story again. Makes you want to keep reading. It was a very beautiful and powerful story. Her imaginations run really wild which makes the story so interesting. She connects two souls with music and makes them fall for each other, break their own hearts. What’s worse than not being able to have your loved one? Colleen made the book so emotional. There were good moments that made me smile but there were really sad moments which just made my emotions go wild. Not everything can go the way you want. Not everyone is lucky to have what they want. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

Cheers J

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