Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Shadow Throne (Ascendance Trilogy #3) by Jennifer A. Nielsen


“Nobody gives you respect in this life. You must take it, you must earn it, and then you must hold it sacred, because no matter how hard respect is to attain, it can be lost in an instant.”

WAR!! has finally hit Carthya. What is Jaron going to do about his throne and country being in a dangerous predicament? King Vargan of Avenia has kidnapped Imogen and Jaron has to plan out something. His friends are scattered all over the place and his country and his people are in danger. He has to concoct some plans to be able to save his throne and his beloved people. How is Jaron going to stand when the other kingdoms come as one against Carthya who doesn’t have much power like they do?

“He’s no king,” I said. “Rulers aren’t made just because they sit on the throne. A true king serves his people, protects them, and sees to their happiness if he can.” 

I really can’t say more than this because I’ll be revealing the story but I must say it was an awesome journey throughout the book. As always Jaron was being reckless yet smart. He totally showed how much he loved his friends and how much he would do for his country, well for his sweet Imogen too. GOD! He and Imogen they just make me scream. Why can’t they just freaking get it all right. Everyone is swooning about their relationship and Jaron he could be really stupid about these things. I really realized it. He knows he like Imogen in a different way yet he thinks its friendship. Well finally, it’s time for him to realize. Hehehehe. I totally ship them. As I said in my last review, Jaron is more sensible when Imogen is around.

“Villains and plots and enemies are simple things to me. But friendships are complicated, and love is harder still. It has wounded me deeper than a sword ever could.” 

I totally loved how the author never told about his plans. When we read we slowly read the things that are happening and it clicks to us that it was Jaron’s plan. It awed me. There were surprises that I didn’t even think of. What I really really really (emphasized) is no matter what predicament Jaron was placed in, his wittiness followed him. Once did he not sway out of it. He might have become serious and all but still the brain of his still has the adrenaline pumping. This book was all about proving Jaron being the best king any country could have (leaving the reckless part out), but hey! That’s what makes Jaron. Think about the first book, being so mischievous. Planning out everything careful, being patient and striking at the right moment. So Jaron totally showed it to all the kingdoms around him and his own that he loves them and he will not think about put his life on line for saving his kingdom and their people.

“One of the greatest kings?” My smile widened. “That’s it? Why not the greatest?”

“This will only make your arrogance worse, I’m sure.”

“Really? Do you think that’s possible?” 

DEFINITELY A 5star novel. Sadly, this series has come to an end. I would love a novella about the prankster and his wife ;) Hehehe.

Cheers J

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